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Payroll Giving


What is Payroll Giving?

A Programme that allows you to donate directly from your pay to the Why It Matters campaign in support of the KEMH Redevelopment Project.

Your donation will be managed by your H.R. Department and the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust, Registered Charity #683.

How does it work?

- A regualr donation is deducted from your pay according to your payroll disbursements for a set schedule of 15 months or less- you choose how much and for how long.

- If at any time you wish to alter the amount or stop your donations, please contact your H.R. Department. To start a Payroll Giving Programme at your place of employment contact BHCT at 298.0153 for more information.

Why take part?

- Your gift to the Why It Matters campaign today will make all the difference to our quality of hospital care tomorrow.

- Payroll Giving is smple and effective way to give to cause that will benifit the entire community , in an emergency and our everyday needs.

- Now underway, the KEMH Redevelopment Project seeks to provide the best patient-centered hospital care practice for all bermuda residents in a state-of-the-art acute hospital. This one hospital matters to all of us.

- Through your generous gift, you can help us build an exceptional hospital-based system of care for you, your family, your community, and your future. Please join everyone who has supported this project to date by enrolling in our Payroll Giving Programme today.

How to take part?

- Chose your pledge amount and schedule.

- Simply complete that Payroll Giving Authorisation form. Download Here

- Return the complete authorisation form to your H.R. Department.



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